Foresight: (noun) the act of looking forward; old man-death; The magician had the gift of foresight, so he knew what the man wanted from him before he even asked.

Vexed: (adj.) irritated, annoyed; madman-eye; The madman was so vexed at the old man’s eye that he killed him.

Sagacity: (noun) the quality of being understanding; madman-killing; Therapists have to have sagacity, otherwise no patients would trust them.

Hearkening: (verb) to give respectful attention, listen; listener-madman; The class was instructed by the teacher to hearken to the visitor’s speech.

Over-acuteness: (noun) strong insight, or perception, over alert; madman-senses; After 911 the world was possessed with over-acuteness.

Concealment: (noun) a place of hiding; madman-old man’s dead body; The pirates put the treasure into concealment so no one could find it.

Audacity: (noun) fearless, daring; madman-police; People who do extreme sports have to have audacity.

Distinctness: (noun) distinguished from others in nature or qualities; madman-dead man’s heart; It was the distinctness of her music that made her unique.

Suavity: (noun) the quality of being gracious in manner; madman-police men; The princess handled the situation with so much suavity, that no one noticed the flaw.

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