Outsiders Vocabulary #1

Cunning: (adj.) devious, artful; Two-Bit; Two-Bit swipes things from stores in a very cunning way.
Hysterics: (noun) a state of extreme upset, agitation; Darry; Ponyboy thinks that Darry is always in hysterics because he doesn’t use his head.
Reluctantly: (adverb) under protest, hesitantly; Greasers-movies; The Greasers only reluctantly go to the movies with Ponyboy.
Resignation: (noun) relinquishment of responsibility, giving up; Dally; Dally had given in to resignation a long time ago, because he had gotten arrested for the first time at age ten, and many times thereafter.

Dumfounded: (adj.) astounded, confused, aghast; Ponyboy; When the Socs took out a blade on Ponyboy, he was dumbfounded.
Nonchalant: (adj.) easygoing, laid back; Soda; Soda takes on life in a nonchalant way; he is always happy, and grinning.
Codependent: (adj.) unhealthy psychological reliance of one person on another; Ponyboy-Soda; Ponyboy is codependent on Soda, because he always needs him there when Darry screams at him.
Vital: (adj.) essential, critical; Ponyboy-Greasers; It was vital that the Greasers saved Ponyboy from the Socs, otherwise he might have been badly hurt.

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